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Square One Services is your local source for total Pressure Washing services you can count on.
We offer a full menu of Pressure Washing Services for your Business need's, including Surface Cleaning, Oil, Gum, Mildew Removal and many other Services.
Now we have our Commercial Kitchen Hood & Duct Cleaning Service.
Your local Square One care professional can explain all the different Pressure Washing, Surface Cleaning, Services offered in your neighborhood. To give your property that well- maintained look. We use specialized equipment designed for performance and efficiency. General Maintenance Package.
Advantages of Square One Commercial Kitchen Cleaning
  • Hygienic: Equipment and hard surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.
  • Staff safety: Reduce OHS risks and employee injuries.
  • Lower liability: Avoid litigation.
  • Safe for food areas: Chemical-free steam.
  • Time and cost efficient: Save hours of tough manual cleaning.

  • How does Square One commercial kitchen cleaning work?-Pressurized steam and water at 195°F removes built-up grime and grease, killing disease-causing bacteria like salmonella and Listeria. Square One Uses -Biodegradable Non Caustic Degreasers. Cleaning will include:
  • All hot cooking equipment parts taken apart and degreased. Structures also degreased thoroughly and seals inspected.
  • Floor surfaces under equipment degreased using Water and steam clean while open floor areas are scrubbed and a wet pick up machine used to collect liquid, grease and floor debris.
  • Preparation area and table surfaces will be thoroughly degreased with attention paid to underside and lips of benches. Detachable parts will be removed by hand and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.
  • Clean and wipe down Salamanders.
  • Wash and wipe down Kitchen walls.
  • De-lime sinks and faucets.
  • Degrease and pressure wash star Burners.
  • Clean Exterior and Seals of Reach-in Coolers. (Excluding interior of Cooler)
  • De-carbon and clean Char Broiler Grades.
  • Wash behind the hot line (oven, stove, fryers) to cut down on grease build up, which is a major fire hazard.
  • Wipe down the dry storage area.
  • All equipment will be re-assembled upon completion.
  • Sink units will be thoroughly degreased externally.
  • Remove Hood Filters and degrease.
  • Anti bactericide will be used in waste traps.
  • MSDS regulation data sheets will be available on site for all detergents used.
  • The use of sanitizing products on work surfaces will ensure food safety.

  • Hood Cleaning Pressure Washing
  • Hood and Duct Cleaning
  • 24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week
  • Kitchen Equipment Cleaning
  • Motor Repair or Replacement
  • Access Panel Installation
  • Exhaust Fan Hinge Kits
  • Our filters are MEA and UL approved
  • Replacement of broken filters
  • Hood dome and light bulb replacement
  • Fan Balancing
  • Replacement Drip pans for hoods

  • Drive Ways and Side Walks
  • Decks - Cleaning and Sealing
  • Gutters, Single Story Residential
  • Awning Cleaning
  • Drive Through Restaurants
  • Outside-Store Front & Restaurants
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Aircraft Washing
  • Parking Lot Striping (Painting)
  • Parking Lots
  • Gas Stations
  • Trash Dumpsters

  • Call Square One to learn about additional services that we offer.